Auto Expo 2018: DC Design TCA Sportscar

India’s most famous automobile designer and founder of DC Design is all set to launch a mid-engine sports car at the Auto Expo 2018.

Auto Expo 2018
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DC has been working on the sportscar reportedly known as ‘TCA’. TCA hints at titanium, carbon fibre and aluminium which may be the material to be in use for car’s manufacturing.


  • V8 engine with up to 400hp
  • Price tag under Rs.40 lakh
  • Launch on February 7

There will be a lot of updations in the car and therefore will be wider and longer than the Avanti. There is a teaser image of the TCA which shows that the car will have few lines on the body than the Avanti. The interior may be a mix of material as the name suggests. There will be a more powerful engine on the TCA coupé that is the 4.0-litre V8 engine which will churn up to 400hp. This is a very big step taken by the company as the earlier Avanti coupé had 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine which churns out 250hp.

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Further, one of the major updations in the TCA is its gearbox. The older Avanti had many complaints regarding the heavy clutch and had six-speed gearbox. But, the new coupé will come with the seven-speed automatic gearbox which will send the power to the rear wheels. More power and less weight in construction should do the best in the performance of the TCA.

The price of the TCA coupé may be under Rs.40 lakhs which will make it slightly expensive than the Avanti and the most affordable car with the V8 engine in the country. The TCA will be launched on February 7 at Hall No.1, Auto Expo 2018.

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