iPhone 8 Front and Rear 4K Support

As per the latest leaks, iPhone 8 may support 4K video recording with Front and Rear Camera at 60fps. Drop Down to know more.


  • May Support Front and Rear 4K Video Recording
  • Expected to arrive in September
  • Current iPhones support video recording up to 1080p resolution

Since the HomePod Firmware leaks, many leaks have been constantly coming for the iPhone 8. These includes Wireless Charging, Bezel-less display and much more. And now, a new leak has come up for the smartphone’s camera.

iPhone 8

As per the leaks in Portuguese news site iHelp, it is expected that the new iPhone 8 may arrive with 4K video recording support at 60fps for both the front and the rear camera according to HomePod Firmware code. If it is true, than it will be a major highlight in company’s tenth anniversary edition-iPhone 8.

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Moreover, the firmware also suggests that the new video recording feature will support Apple’s new HEVC file type that takes very less space on your smartphone.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have 4K video support at the back at 30fps. The new iPhone  may prove better after the launch. All will be clear when the smartphone launches. Till then wait and relax.

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