Microsoft HoloLens- Mixed Reality Smartglasses comes to UK

Microsoft HoloLens


  •  Windows Holographic Operating System
  • Intel 32-bit(1 GHz) CPU
  • 2GB RAM and 1GB HPU RAM
  •  2.3 Mega-pixels head-mounted display
  • 2.4 Mega-pixels camera

Microsoft joined mixed reality and Holographic content back in january, 2015. In March, 2016 its Development edition came to the United States and Canada with a price tag of $3000( around Rs.2 Lakh). From Wednesday, Microsoft HoloLens will be available for pre-orders. It will be available in six additional countries which are Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The deliveries will start in late-November.

Moreover, the common edition will cost EUR 3,299 (around Rs. 2.5 lakhs) in Germany, France and Ireland, £2,719 (around Rs. 2.2 lakhs) in the United Kingdom.Moreover, AUD 4,369 (around Rs.2.3 lakhs) in Australia and NZD 7,829 (around Rs.3.7 lakhs) in New Zealand. Furthermore, Microsoft has given an opportunity to developers to join its HoloLens world.Due to this many have new developers have got chance.

More Details

In addition, HoloLens has inbuilt sensors which provides a real world with objects in form of Hologram- like graphics. It has more power than an average laptop.It is design with great weight distribution and has a great comfortable fit. Not only it has great design but it also has great features. One can move freely and self contained. Together with great design and features, it is a beast. In USA, various applications for the headset has been develop by various partners including Nasa and Audi. In North America, HoloLens is available at a price £2,700( around Rs.2.2 lakhs) to the developers and companies.

Microsoft HoloLens
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Finally, it is an extraordinary and noteworthy gadget and it seems like the world is shifting to virtual reality world. The users during and after experience had a sparkling smile on their faces.


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