Range Rover Evoque Now in Petrol Variant

Range Rover Evoque

The British car manufacturer Land Rover has come up with a new Range Rover Evoque Petrol variant at a price tag starting from Rs.49.10 lakh to Rs.67.90 lakh(Ex Showroom Delhi). Land Rover just came up with the new 2017 model.


  • 2.0 litre four cylinder Engine
  • 9 speed automatic transmission
  • Comes with Cruise Control

Range Rover Evoque is available in Pure, SE, Dynamic, HSE, HSE Dynamic, HSE Dynamic Edition variants. The new Range Rover Evoque petrol variant is only available in SE trim with comparison to Discovery Sport which is available in HSE.

Range Rover Evoque
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The petrol variant of Evoque has a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine that has maximum of 236 bhp. Moreover, the car has a 9 speed automatic gear transmission. The engine is same as seen on the Discovery Sport model. The Evoque petrol is cheaper than the Discovery Sport petrol variant.

Range Rover Evoque has a beautiful LED headlights. Moreover, the headlights have an awesome feature that the headlights turn when taking curves on the road. In addition, there is a beautiful and stunning 10 inch touchscreen inside the car which is very eye catching.


At the launch event, Rohit Suri, President of Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. said “We are excited to introduce the 2017 Model Year New Range Rover Evoque with a 2.0 l petrol derivative. The addition of the 2.0 l petrol derivative reinforces our commitment towards customers who aspire to drive this fabulous vehicle with a powerful petrol engine.”

Finally, Land Rover is a British brand which is own by Jaguar Land Rover(JLR). Moreover, Jaguar Land Rover in turn is own by Tata Motors. In Addition, Land Rover has come up with many stunning cars in the past with awesome features. Range Rover Evoque is a compact SUV.


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